First off, I want to say GOOD FOR YOU!


Good for you for chasing after this dream of yours and looking to invest in it! I remember the countless hours, days, months, YEARS it took me to get where I am and I wish so much I would have found something like this to invest in for myself. Now I want to help you! Honestly friend, teaching has my heart. The fact that I can give you information and show you things that will fast track you to becoming the artist you ache to be, warms my heart so much! Investing in mentoring will give you information that you won’t have to spend hours away from your family trying to figure out completely on your own.


Let’s see what would
be best for you!



This can be done completely online!! So no worries if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere prettier than Missouri! HA! During this time I will get to see your face first and say HI, and then we’ll edit together on YOUR photos! I will show you everything I know in Lightroom (these can also be done in ACR). I’ll show you how to create more powerful edits, control your tones and colors, and stay consistent!

Note: You must be shooting in RAW, not JPG, to do the editing portion of these mentorships

*Add on custom presets for $50: These can be my exact presets, or ones i custom make for you depending on what style you Want to Achieve!

*$100 deposit due to book*
May not operate your business within 60 miles of Springfield, Mo

Currently booked. More openings to come in August 2019!


2 hour Mentorship: $750

This can also be done completely online! It comes with all that’s listed above plus an extra hour! This extra hour can be spent going over all things business, shooting, lighting, prompts, ANYTHING you want! Or it can be used to give us extra time to edit together!

*$100 deposit due to book*
May not operate your business within 60 miles of Springfield, Mo

Currently Booked. More openings to come in August 2019!


1:1 In-Person Mentorship: $1150

Located in Springfield, Mo. Available to come to you for additional travel fees.*

Dude! Let’s shoot together!!! This will be so much fun! Sometimes seeing how others shoot can be the biggest eye opener! With this we will have a couple hours before our shoot to meet, sip some caffeine and have some grub, chat, go over your portfolio, talk all things business and workflow! Then we’ll go do a styled shoot together and you’ll see how I work with a family, with light, how I control my settings during a shoot, etc! Afterwards we’ll have another couple hours for more discussion AND editing! You also will get my presets as well!

$450 deposit to book.
Bring a friend and save! $1800 for a 1:2!
May not operate your business within 60 miles of Springfield, Mo

Booked for 2019

With each option you will also get added to my private FB group where I am always
there to help and encourage you, along with a rad group of other photogs to do the same!


Upcoming Workshops:

Radiant Soul with Liz Franco

Yosemite National Park

November 17-20

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