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LOCAL INVESTMENT: starting at $350

You won’t always be able to hold your baby that way or bend down and have your son at eye level. Your little girl won’t always want you to play with her hair like that and their hand won’t fit in yours that way for very long. Friend, your life is a story and time is turning your pages. These precious and fleeting details plead to be captured so you can look back on this chapter. So let me capture these details and moments for you in a way that is beautiful art that you can display in your home and FEEL it when you look at it. Art that will one day also be precious treasure to your children. Now be prepared to laugh, we do A LOT of that! You’ll also cuddle, play, tickle, explore, and just enjoy being with your family. I can’t wait to capture all these moments for you!



Travel sessions: $900

Not local to me? I can come to you or meet you at a bucket list location! My travel sessions include my time for getting to you, scouting locations, a 60-90 minute long shoot, and all your best images beautifully edited.

Travel fees such as flight, car rental, and a place to stay will apply. If more than one shoot is booked in your area these costs can be split up. Now let’s chat about it!