Oh hey!
It’s me, Kayla!

Just your cereal-loving, sun-chasing photographer, based out of a tiny town I grew up in near Springfield, Mo! Here’s a virtual hug for you just for stopping by, because I’m a hugger. Let’s get that out of the way now, because when we do meet… well, I’m going to hug you!

But! I’m basically just your typical mess of a mom that’s trying to keep up with the 497294 school papers that get sent home everyday, consume enough caffeine so I can be at least a decent wife, occasionally cook an actual meal that’s not cereal, and ya know- be a cool mom! Oh! AND run a business! Whew. This is a ride y’all!

So about my rad fam... I’ve been married to Adam for over a decade now and we have two pretty legit kids. Maelynn, our daughter, is 7. And Morgan, our son, is 5. I am really just loving this stage of life! We have so much fun together and they’re my favorite people to be around! I wouldn’t want to do this chaotic ride with anyone else.

But really, I’m just a small-town Missouri girl that somehow ended up being a Photographer and LOVING it! 100% honest, I did not see that coming in my high school 15 year plan! But when you have kids - EVERYTHING changes. You change. Your priorities and opinions change. And you realize just how quick time really flies. So when Mae was a toddler I got a decent camera and a few years later this journey just started to snowball into my full time gig!

And so here I am! Getting to photograph families and teach other photographers. This is quite possibly the most rewarding job ever! I’m so glad you’re here and I truly hope I get to hug you soon!

xo, Kayla